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tonight or tomorrow morning i want to pierce my medusa, ive researched as much as i can, and just wanted to check over a few things. obviously i dont want to make stupid mistakes,  so i was just wondering if anyone has pierced theirs before and found certain things difficult or something. 

ive done many piercings myself, so im not completely clueless, but have never done any on my lips. ive got the clamps, sterile piercing needle (1.6mm) with cannula, and ive bought a ptfe bar which is currently 44mm in length, and 1.2mm, i chose this mainly because the majority of people, from what ive heard have had swelling, so i can cut this down to a more appropriate size when the swelling goes down (this way i avoid annoying the piercing with changing bars etc, yeah?). has anyone got any criticism on ptfe? or on the gauge? i really want this piercing, and dont want to mess it up over something totally dumb i couldve avoided.

also, (last bit i promise!) has anyone got any pictures on swelling or on self done medusa's? or even scarring after medusa's been taken out? any would be great!

also, so its a little less boring, i glued a ball to my face to see what it looked like...

what do you think?
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