Serena (drakefan) wrote in diy_piercings,

Hey, I'm new I wanna pierce my ears( I feel so weird everyone in here seems HARD CORE!!!) Im gonna use a sewing needle is there anything i can do to numb it good? ice sooo dosent work. some one said to use ora-jel? Or should i really not use a needle? OK reply fast
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Personally, I like the needles. They're so much cheaper :P Just make sure you stick in silver or something non-nickel when you're done. I do that too and i always get infected! And when you're shoving the needle in, just close your eyes, take a breath, and push it in. Feel for it in the back. Twist it a little. Pull it out and put the earring in right away. I know you won't like this but sometimes it takes me 4 tries! I won't say it's easy! But it's sooo worth it-- to see the look on people's faces when you say "I did it myself!"

hope I replied on time
uhh, dont listen to that person? sewing needles are made of cheap shitty-ass metal and will rip through flesh and infect/scar it. get a hollow piercing needle one size bigger than the gauge of the nose bone/screw. look it up instead of going here, you'll get alot better information. just dont be stupid about it.