Nadine (chuanshuo) wrote in diy_piercings,

yo! I'm new here! I've been self-piercing my ears for two years. I just shove a sewing needle in, wear earrings, then sometimes they get infected and I close up and start over. Currently I had 4 lobe piercings and I was just in the bathroom doing my first cartilage piercing! I put in a turtle earring- it actually looks kind of cute.

I'm thinking of self-piercing my nose now. I've always used sewing needles because I'm kinda broke and can't afford to buy the stuff ): Has anyone ever done it? What precautions do I need to take so I don't like... hit a major vein or anything? I'm kinda clueless about facial piercings-- I've never tried it before. So, any advice would be helpful. thanks!

and nice to meet you all!
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