Lacedwithdrugs (lacedwithdrugs) wrote in diy_piercings,

hey hi all. i've 8 piercings on my ears, 1 on my nose and 1 on my tongue. pierced my tongue web and naval myself too. and i just did a lip one. so just to share..

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

it used to be:
Image hosted by

but it has since healed. i know it looks disgusting and all but i gotta attribute it to the lighting. in actual fact, it just looks like i've a few ulcers side by side. and like i've said, it has since healed. (:
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zomg i like sooo wanna pierce my lip!! the ulcer looks really bad though. (shudders)
hahah. it's all healed so it's fine. i'm starting to get sick of it though. lol.