Holly (black_belt216) wrote in diy_piercings,


I totally just re-pierced my VCH myself.

It's been closed for a few weeks... maybe a month by now. Not totally closed (you can still see where the hole is, and there was a bit of the hole on each side, but not enough to slide jewelry through)... and I was talking about my piercing at work, and started missing it, so I definitely just re-pierced it.

Took the 14ga jewelry and pushed that through... took about an hour of slow, careful pushing mixed with cooling with ice and checking in a mirror to actually get it all the way through. There wasn't as much pain as when I first got it pierced, because I took my time and did it so gradually.

I know this probably wasn't the best way to re-pierce it... and I'm definitely going to clean it extrawell, but are there other precautions I should take??

PS I'm proud - I've never done anything like that myself before. Even though it was just repiercing.
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