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Self Piercing at its Best

DIY_Piercings: Self piercing at it's best.
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Hello and welcome to "DIY Piercing" on Livejournal. This Community is for people whom either: Pierce themselves, Stretch their ears themselves, or people looking for information about DIY Piercing. Welcome, and have fun! There are some rules though, but alas, they are not hard.

1. Unlike some of the other self-piercing communities, we know some people will pierce themselves with safety pins. Not the smartest idea, but we're not going to fuck with you, as some of the others will. We are truly here to not criticize and provide you with needed information. I, myself, have pierced myself with sewing needles and safety pins. While I do not condone this, I believe it isn't "preach to you worthy". So, I guess this rule is:

Talk about different methods of self-piercing, no matter what they are. If you want to pierce yourself with a safety pin and you are determined, HELL, Who am I to tell you, you cannot? Of course, I will try to talk you out of it, but I have done it before so that would be slightly hypocritical of me.

2. No fighting. If you disagree with someone, act like an adult. Or at least civil.

3. If you don't agree with self-piercing, I understand. You have the right to your opinion but if you are coming on this community to tell people it's dangerous and stupid and we're a bunch of fuck ups.... you have no life.

4. If you would like to advertise your own community, you can. Follow these instructions though:
Hello, if you are reading this, then maybe you want to advertise with DIY Piercing. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Sara, and I made the community after not finding what I was looking for. I know, some of the other communities do not condone DIY piercing. I understand this. You DO NOT have to be a DIY/SELF piercing community to be affiliated with us. The way this will work is simple.

E-mail me at DIY_Piercing@yahoo.com. Simple enough? Good, All you have to do is put "Affiliate" in the subject line and just tell me you want to advertise on our Livejournal community. I will then put it on our "Affiliates" link where people will be able to see you community on LJ. It's free (of course), and you don't even have to advertise us (Although it would be nice...)

5. E-mail me. Tell me what you think, and everything. I want you opinions. Even ones I do not agree with.

6. No spamming please. See Rule #5. Please follow it.

7. When you have a lot of doubts whether you can do the piercing or not...you probably cannot. It's that simple, I wouldn't recommend doing any exotic piercings on yourself but people have done it before I'm sure. Just...use some common sense.